About Me

A thumping heart, sleepless eyes, black coffee and numerous puffs!!!

That’s what it took to write my first blog post. We all have been writing something or the other throughout our life so I was considering it to be just another write-up but it’s demanding much more than that.

If you are reading this, either you are my friend or-or…

Now common I don’t expect you to have accidently hit this page. Today, when 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are created every day, I don’t expect the former to be true. That figure itself inquires me

Do we need more shit???

For me , yes I do. Without wasting a second it hits me with another one

So what is it all about???

Well, I need to tell a story. Do not bother yourself to guess the trend. It’s neither heroic nor dramatic, it’s just an unpredictable journey of a common man;aam aadmi. I guess that’s how we define life, isn’t it?

Phoodiemonk sums up to be a frantic foodie, a die hard OM(Old Monk;that’s the abbreviation for the lifetime) lover, an unrhythmic poet, a fogyish traveller and an old-line smoker.

Don’t blame him if you find the blog section lacking attention as I am usually busy with the section of food & verses.

I would leave you with your own struggles of life and get another puff.

Catch you soon!