Revisiting Foodie’s Paradise-Kolkata

It’s always a great experience to visit Kolkata, the city of Joy!

This time it was even better with the first ever WordCamp being organized in Kolkata. If you don’t know what WordCamps are, you can consider them informal, community-based meetups for WordPress. Being a part of the WordPress community and the role that Kolkata has played in my career, this WordCamp was special!!!

The journey begun a couple of days before the WordCamp which was scheduled for 3rd March 2019. The reason was obvious- biryani, sweets and old folks.

Meeting an Old Friend ????????

I reached Kolkata on Thursday, 28th Feb and was expecting to be received by one of my friend-Sarnodeep nicknamed Bantu ???? but instead I was received by a heavy shower. Kolkata has been known for its unexpected monsoon shows but this was insane rain. It felt like a never ending showcase of nature, well we should expect this given the kind of damage we have done to the environment in the name of development ????????.

So instead of Bantu taking the pain, I took an Uber. Thanks to the corporate account by rtCamp, there was no pinch on the pocket. If water lodged roads, power cuts weren’t enough, the driver lost its way. Somehow I reached my destination with my bestie eyeing for the burger I got him from the original Burger King of Pune.

The following day was slightly better with cool weather, which I must say is unusual for Kolkata in the month of March. We headed for Prinsep Ghat to catch up for some amazing clicks following a homely Bengali lunch, which I must say is delicious to its core.

We commenced our visit to Prinsep Ghat as it turns into a dating junction during evenings ????The next stop was City Centre in Salt Lake. It holds a special place in my heart be it for delicious rolls by Jabbrr Afghani, Aloo Chat by Chowrasia Chat Centre or the Metro staircase where I used to sit for hours with my ex-girlfriend! Well that’s a whole together a different story, maybe for some other time????

For Dinner, we picked one of my favorites, Oundh 1590. IMO, this restaurant has gone beyond the typical key to success i.e taste. It believes in delivering a wholesome experience which is sure to leave you craving for more. We ordered Raan Briyani which happens to be the signature dish of this restaurant accompanied by authentic Bengali dish, Chicken Kosha. Undoubtedly this was the best part of the entire day, after all we Bengalis

Live to Eat

Raan Briyani & Chicken Kosha…

When in Kolkata, mishti find its way, no matter how filled your tummy is and if you have a sweet tooth, leave back your dieting plans when you visit Kolkata ????

WordCamp Kolkata ????????‍????????

It was an amazing event and every bit of it left me mesmerized and I am sure everyone who attended the event has similar thoughts. You can read more about my experience ⏬⏬

Trips like this rejuvenate not only our body but also the soul. Do share your feedback and if you like it, share it with your friends and dear ones. See you soon guys, till then

Keep Traveling, Eating & Smiling

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  1. Anika Srivastava says:

    Took my right back to KKT.. time for another visit maybe!
    Great write up!

    1. phoodiemonk says:

      Thanks Anika, definitely you should visit sometime soon.

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